0.5L Hydrogen UAV Cylinders for Fuel-cell Powered Drones

Our compact & ultra-light UAV hydrogen COPV design was Driven by a passion for pushing the limits of yesterday and helping others to push and go for new and amazing heights with our cylinder experts and our R & D company.

We wanted to be able to give our new friends in the UAV business a competitive advantage when it came to low-weight drones and long operating ranges a.k.a. “Beyond visual line of sight” (B-VLOS).

The problem they faced was that the old COPV technology (type III) was somewhat lacking for the long distance purpose, as every gram counts, 50 gram may not sound of much – but it could be the difference from success to failure. The lightest 0.5L cylinders that was available was simply too heavy and didn’t have the optimal dimensions for balance hence drone usage.

Old Tech: Type III COPV specifications:

  • Too heavy – 600 gram.
  • Bulky.
  • Too long (center of gravity).
  • Short cylinder lifespan.
  • Liner made from aluminum.

Simply put, it doesn’t have an optimal fit and weight for a small Fuel-cell powered UAV drone, and these drones are quickly becoming very popular for long distance flights/missions.

We wanted to help to improve the drones payload, trim, speed and operating range.

What we wanted was was light a, compact and had a thin cylinder wall, in other words, a COPV designed for drones. During our research, what we discovered was that for the fuel-cell powered drones to be a success, the 0.5L hydrogen cylinder had to be:

COPV by Meyer:

  • Min. 25% lighter (B-VLOS) Better for long distance.
  • Max Ø85 mm (Being compact is key).
  • Not longer than 200 mm (better center of gravity).
  • NLL – No limited lifespan. (Maximize cylinder durability).
  • Maximize payload, performance & speed.

Words Lightest Cylinder?

The end result is simply an extremely light, super compact hydrogen cylinder. We believe this cylinder is perfect for the next B-VLOS mission – worlds longest duration-flight for a under 2kg hydrogen fuel-cell powered drone.

Comparison of COPV old and new technology UAV hydrogen Drone

Comparison of COPV old and new technology UAV hydrogen Drone

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