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Designed for Cubesats and Microlaunchers

Client: Cubesats & Microlaunchers

21st July 2015

MEYER's COPV used for Nitrogen Worlds Lightests Cylinder for Aerospace

COPV for Nitrogen Used in Cubesats, Nanosats & Microlaunchers

A COPV for nitrogen:

Driven by a passion for pushing the limits of yesterday and helping others to push and go for new and amazing heights with our cylinder experts and our R & D Company MEYER®.

We wanted to be able to give our new friends in the Cubesat & Nanosats propulsion business a COPV for nitrogen that would give them a competitive advantage when it came to payloads & cold gas propulsion/thrusters (eg. nitrogen).

The problem our costumers faced was that the old COPV technology (type III) was lacking a compact design, as every milimeter counts, 10 millimeters may not sound of much – but it could be the one factor if it’s a go / no-go.

The 0.5L COPV for nitrogen that where available where simply to long, bulky and heavy in other words – they didn’t have the optimal dimensions.

Cylinder Type III specifications:

  • Too heavy – 650 gram
  • Bulky
  • Too long

Simply put, the type III COPV doesn’t have an optimal fit and weight for a small Cubesat.

We wanted to help to improve the cubesats payload, trim, speed and operating range.

We wanted a cylinder that was light, compact and had a thin cylinder wall – a cylinder designed for Cubesats.

Our research, what we discovered was that for the Cubesats to be a success, the HDRX-005 cylinder had to be:

Meyer Cylinder Requirements:

  • Min. 30% lighter
  • Max Ø80 mm
  • Not longer than 200 mm (to be able to fit in a 2U cubesat)
  • NLL – No limited lifespan

Words Lightest COPV for Nitrogen?

The end result is simply an extremely light, compact and a super sexy cylinder. We believe this cylinder is perfect for the next mission.

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High Pressure COPV by MEYER

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