What We Do Leading the way with innovative out-of-the-box solutions.

  • Engineering Cylinders with Passion

    No one knows the day tomorrow – but at Meyer CD we have an excellent example of how the future solutions for a high-pressure cylinder should look.
  • Lightweight Material Engineering

    We are constantly on track and up to date. This means that we can always provide you with a professional and serious advice based on your particular cylinder/regulator situation.

  • Solutions

    Since we are all moving in a dynamic world, the solution today is not necessarily the right solution tomorrow. Therefore it is crucial that your choices are based on consideration and documentation – with the clear objective to promote the viability and functionality of your project, thus giving you a competitive advantage.

  • Light and thin – Yet Rock Solid

    MEYER CD develops reliable solutions perfect for aviation, Fuel-cell powered drones, laboratory testing, aerospace, rockets and satellites. These solutions combine requirements for high pressures, compact designs and low weight. We have provided competitive advantages for customers and drone owners.

MEYER CD 6 Years of COPV Excellence

Scope of Application Ultra light-weight cylinders, when you don't want weight to be an issue

The Light-weight Club When only the best is good enough