Cube Sats Copv H2 Fuel-Cell Drones

COPV Thin & light – Yet rock solid!

No one knows the day tomorrow – but at Meyer CD we have an excellent example of how the future solutions for a composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV) and applications should look.

MEYER® is introducing a high-tech COPV to the worlds markets that demand the lightest possible.

We are constantly on track and up to date. This means that we can always provide you with a professional and serious advice based on your particular cylinder/regulator situation.

Manufactured in Europe, Meyer’s cylinders offer an unmatched record for weight, safety, lifespan (NLL) and reliability. In 2010, Meyer® introduced the ultra-lightweight composite over wrapped pressure vessels with aerospace-grade carbon fiber. Available in a wide range of sizes, these composites cylinders are now a clear favorit for SCBA and life-support cylinders in Europe.

Features and benefits of Meyer’s Cylinders:

  • Lightest-weight COPV.
  • Maximize payload, performance & speed.
  • Compact – for easy handling.
  • More than 75 percent lighter than steel cylinders and up to 40 percent lighter than all-aluminium cylinders with the same gas capacity.
  • Complies with all regulatory standards and OEM requirements.
  • No limited lifespan (NLL)
  • Meyer COPV s are non-magnetic and extremely corrosion resistant.
  • Improved durability, fracture toughness and resistance to tearing and cracking compared to older technologies.

OBS: We develop cylinders for your special project, if you can’t find the size you need send us an email where you explain your needs.

Technical Specifications

Part No. Capacity (L) Working Pressure (BAR) Material Nominal Diameter (mm) Nominal Length (mm) Weight (KG) Thread Lifespan
HDRX-005 0.5 300 Carbon 80 190 0.42 M18x1.5 NLL
HDRX-005-500 0.5 500 Carbon 84 190 0.45 M18x1.5 NLL
HDRX-030 3.0 300 Carbon 116 444 1.30 M18x1.5 NLL
HDRX-400 40 300 Carbon 229 1406 18.0 M25x2 NLL

Notes:  All cylinders are non-limited life as long as they pass the periodic testing. All cylinders are tested according to TPED standards. Please specify what gasses will be used when ordering.

Manufactured at our top high-tech facility, all our cylinders are designed to meet the requirements of the DOT-CCFC / ADR / ISO

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